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After being scouted as a male, fashion model and moving to the city of Miami, Ty quickly realized the importance of self-love and self-respect through the adjustment of taking on a fit and healthy life-style. Aside from the requirements in being a model, Ty shortly found a burning passion and love for the fitness and health life-style. As a certified yoga instructor through the credible American Fitness Aerobic Association (AFAA), Ty is equipped with the knowledge, know-how, and even the advanced skill level to teach and lead those with a desire to expand and grow through their own personal yoga practice. Along with over 7 years experience of practice–as a self-taught yogi–Ty has not only the understanding of the Asanas (yoga poses), but also adapted to and accepted the spiritual intimacy that is the yoga way-of-life. As an eager-to-learn, old soul with a young heart, Ty intends to continue learning while also teaching to those who are open to the accumulative benefits and wisdom yoga has to offer.


  • CRP/AED Certified (Red Cross)
  • AFAA (American Fitness Aerobic Association)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor


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