Corporate Wellness

At RoyaFit our squad prides themselves in providing a one-of-a-kind wellness program. Your team can hand-pick from our wide spectrum of classes that best suit their needs. Some of the classes included Boxing Bootcamp, Awaken Yoga, Abs and Glutes, and Wake up Bootcamp. With our team of Elite personal trainers and Group Fitness Instructors, you can rest easy knowing your staff is in the best possible hands. Whether your team is looking for a fun team building class or your guests are in town for a corporate event, RoyaFit is there for you. We work directly with our clients to cater to your employees every need, with our diverse multilingual team of personal trainers and group fitness instructors we teach our numerous formats in any language.

Studies show companies that invest in their employees health have increased production and employee retention by 30%. A recent article by Forbes states that 55% of workers identified a workplace wellness program as an instrument for improving their overall well-being. According to Forbes magazine that percentage is equivalent to $250 million in savings due to the lowered health cost and 50% reduction in high blood pressure among their employees. Less stressed individuals have shown a 30% improvement in their work environment, enabling them to have greater concentration, less anxiety, and a greater desire to go out of their way for their employer.

Why should you hire RoyaFIT?

It’s important for your staff to understand how much you care about them as a company. When staff knows you are invested not only in their future but their well-being they will work harder, be more dedicated and can easily operate as a unit. Creating fun exciting team building events provides a network of support for your team. It also adds a competitive component that drives people to do more, be more, and experience more. In business, that skill is critical as it can become a part of a training to “think outside the box”.

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